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Keeping hospitals and hospital environment clean and without fear of any infection is the main task of every conscientious governing body of the hospital. Preventing pollution and the spread of infection is assigned responsibility to doctors and nurses, that can not be compromised. The most common cause of high internal rates of infection in the hospital’s rehabilitation is bad bedding (sheets, pillows, mattresses, etc.) and clothing used by the patients. 

From this introduction, it is clear that our ozonator originally was designed as medical unit, but was quickly spotted its necessity in other areas. Ozone generator is the long-sought solution for the hotel industry due to the high volume of hotel services for various profiles of users. So far, the most commonly used methods disinfecting sheets, mattresses and pillows were ultra-violet radiation and the use of steam under high pressure. These methods can, at best, disinfect surfaces, but they are not so effective in eradicating deeply rooted pathogens. 

The mattresses are an ideal habitat for harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold and dust mites. The application of ozone in just 20 minutes all of these micro-organisms are eliminated, and you get disinfected mattress with fresh scent. This methodalso extends the durability of the mattress. 

Ozone disinfection can be a great solution for the control of cross-infection, as well as for rehabilitation. It can eradicate the infection very easily, and particularly effectively prevent the spread of the disease in the hospital setting. Our ozone generators (ozonator) of high concentrations of ozone, are designed specifically for sterilization and disinfection of bed mattresses and furniture. Also useful for disinfecting: cushions, pillows, sheets, clothing, or anything else that can fit in their bags. Typical applications include use in: hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, motels and private residences.


• Safe, reliable, efficient and effective in sterilization
• Kills bacteria and insect larvae, etc. usually only 2-6 minutes
• Excellent performance of deodorization
• Can disperse the inorganic and organic substances, and toxins
• Compact size, easy to operate, convenient to move and can be placed at 
   the patient’s bedside or the hotel directly and disinfect linens and room air