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The health sector is certainly the most delicate and most critical sector for cleaning and disinfection. 
The need to ensure a high level of environmental hygiene and associated equipment, both for users and for staff working in the structures, often requires the use of expensive systems that do not always provide good results. In this context, ozone is a very effective drug, and it is much cheaper, thanks to a wide range of applications and numerous possibilities of use.

In addition, some of these systems are not suitable for every type of situation, so that in many cases the sanitary level is not satisfactory. 

In fact, it can be used for disinfection, sterilization and decontamination of hospital stay and work environments (hot room, emergency room, room for autopsies, internal storage, clean rooms, ambulances, medical transportation, operating rooms, sterile rooms, burial rooms, hospital rooms, etc.), and processing tools, shopping carts, mattresses (against mites, odor, bacteria, viruses and fungi), even in a washing machine and clothes. Ozone can be used directly or mixed with water: this dual capability makes it very flexible and suitable for any need. 

Dissolution of ozone occurs only oxygen which makes it particularly suitable in health care due to the complete absence of environmental impact, the benefit of people in attendance. Suffice to remember the example of nursing homes, where it is necessary to ensure a high level of disinfection and hygiene at the premises.