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In the air treatment

• Refreshes area 
• Destruction of carbon monoxide in the areas where engines are tested 
• Protection against fungal growth, prolonging the life of fruits and vegetables, 
    refreshing cold storage 
• In animal breeding 
• In process salami, meat offal, cheese and dairy products in general 
• Destruction of air conditioner odors and organic fragrances that are ejected 
   from the biological plant, industry, fermentation pools, sludge 
• The skin treatments – sauna

The water treatment

• For drinking water 
• To rinse food and beverage from containers 
• The public and private swimming pools 
• The cultivation of fish and shellfish 
• Industrial cycles to maintain pools and tanks 
• On the wastewater 
• Recycling of water and irrigation 
• For the destruction or conversion of surfactants, phenols, cyanides, chromium compounds, arsenic…